About Us

Finally a Men’s clothing brand that genuinely reflects the vibrant, unique aura and culture of South Florida has arrived.
Roman Kandle has merged the worlds of South Florida casual and formal wear for the first time. Roman Kandle is a mid-luxury brand worn year- round with an authentic South Florida flair but with a universal appeal to those who will cherish its new and exciting look. “Fashion is Art'' personifies the philosophy behind the creation of the Roman Kandle, which allows the fashion-conscious consumer to think creatively and literally create one’s own wardrobe from Roman Kandle’s wide choice of uniquely tropical and brilliant exotic prints, colors, and styles.
Roman Kandle has fulfilled the long-awaited need for a genuine South Florida clothing look, identified by a vast and glowing array of multi-colored combinations and prints that will truly represent the area’s diverse and distinctive environment, its worldly culture, and passionate people.
The sun-drenched hues and bright colors reflecting the South Florida landscape will appeal to the fashion-forward everyday guy who can now choose from a pair of casual slacks and polo shirt by day to donning a Roman Kandle dress shirt for that gala social event or a relaxed get-together with friends and family at night.